Mass Call-in on Monday, October 27, 2014

We are having a mass call-in on Monday, October 27, 2014. Please call Gov Christie’s office, at 609-292-6000 beginning at 9am New York Time (-4:00). Call well before 5pm when offices close.  If you absolutely do not have a phone, you can use the form on this page: . (Link will open in a new tab.)  If you have Twitter, tweet to @GovChristie. We need as many people to make these calls as possible. If you are registered to vote in New Jersey, mention this in your call.

Also, call Ruth Lowenkron at 609 292-9742. This is the Disabilities Rights person who has been far too slow to respond to this emergency situation.

UPDATE as of yesterday is that Gloria reported having some sight in her one remaining eye yesterday. This was intermittent but our hope is that she can see a top eye surgeon who specializes in this sort of injury ASAP to see how much sight can be restored.  Trenton Psychiatric Hospital is denying a human being proper medical care.

This denial of medical care is the across-the-board the norm, sadly, for anyone who is labeled “mental patient” in USA society.  This lack of parity needs to immediately stop, for Gloria’s sake, and for the sake of us all.

A win for Gloria means a win not only for anyone who has ever accessed mental health “services,” but for ALL humans on this planet.

Please mark your calendars for Monday!  If you call from outside the US, use 001 before the number.  Together, we can make things happen!


2 thoughts on “Mass Call-in on Monday, October 27, 2014”

  1. You may be right about Ruth Lowenkron, a member of what I call the “approved opposition” – those organizations – they know who they are – who pretend to oppose abuse of psychiatric patients – but who always seem to be on vacation, away from their desks, etc. etc. I get the very same thing from attorney Kristen Henry of Disability Rights Ohio and her boss, Michael Kirkman, who somehow always seems to be too busy to return phone calls. My friend in North Carolina tells me it’s the same hypocrisy there too. We should all be aware that these Disability Rights organizations – one in each state – are supposed to be one example that is used at the United Nations to show how, in spite of how horrible U.S. human rights abuses of psychiatry patients SEEMS to be – we can all rest easy because the DRO’s are all ON THE JOB. Sure they are. Anbody interested in lighting a real fire under these wimps contact me at katherinehine at yahoo dot com.

    1. Thanks a million, Katherine. I myself observed the same thing in Massachusetts. I filed reports with MassPro, which was probably the best route, but also with Disability Rights and one of the gov’t mental health rights groups. Since my case was mostly medical, Disability Rights called me back. Two months later. They said they were taking me on and to expect a call. I waited a full month. I think I had to call the person and remind her. She called me or I reached her. Then she said she’d send info in the mail. I waited an entire month then had to call her and remind her. Finally, these arrived. I couldn’t believe it. All she sent were form letters and forms to fill out that I had accessed myself months ago. I called her again. She told me, “Call lawyers at random.” And, “Good luck.” She implied that my writing a book would be more effective than trying fruitlessly to find a lawyer considering I was on public assistance.

      I am convinced the Disabilities Rights people who work for the government work to stall lawsuits and waste our time. Whom do they protect? Hospitals and mental institutions.

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